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      Why Global Teachers?


      Why Job Seekers Choose to Work with Gteachers?

      Gteachers.org helps professionals: teachers, administrators, managers, as well as experienced corporate executives seeking to transition skills and to find ideal career opportunities in the field of education.

      Find and apply for jobs in education at recognized schools, private companies, colleges and universities in China and around the world here.

      Gteachers.org eliminates the hassle of looking for jobs on overstuffed job boards.  Open a secure account to submit your resume so we can provide valuable matching, employment consultation and introductory services to employment opportunities that are a perfect fit for your qualifications and career objectives using the latest in recruiting and Web 2.0 technology.

      Certified Teacher, senior Education Manager, school Administrator, Sales and Marketing guru – whatever your expertise, Gteachers casts a wide, targeted net to find the perfect position to further your career and meet your objectives in choosing a new, exciting position in education in China.

      Simply open your free, secure Gteachers account, submit your resume and apply for education jobs on our site.  Even if you're not actively looking for a new position, receive instant notifications of exciting career opportunities as they come up.

      Whatever your current circumstances, whatever your short and long-term career goals, Gteachers provides the critical expertise to evaluate your abilities and career objectives to determine the best course to meet professional goals.

      Create an account, or log into your existing account to present the best professional “You” to the global education community, or contact us if you have any questions.

      Gteachers.org does not charge a fee to qualified professionals seeking positions in the realm of education, and your information is kept completely secure on our own, internal file server. There's no reason to miss this career-building opportunity: it's simple, it's secure, it's global, and it's free.

      Why Employers Choose to Work with Gteachers?

      Gteachers.org offers a specialized solution in the education job search arena -  an effective, value-added alternative to high-priced recruiting firms or Internet job boards that routinely deliver hundreds of under-qualified or mis-qualified candidates.

      Our list of benefits to schools, colleges, universities and companies, in China, and around the world, is extensive and guaranteed.

      Gteachers.org: Enhanced Staffing Quality and Efficiency

      Our staffing solutions reduce the significant costs associated with staffing and recruitment in an academic setting. 

      We access a huge network of passive candidates through Gteachers's advanced search, referral and Web 2.0 recruitment technologies.

      Our professionals specialize in education, so we know how to effectively target and identify the best candidates.
      Our on-call, temporary teacher service provides access to a full roster of qualified, professional educators available for temporary assignments for your organization at a moment’s notice.

      We ensure that all our staff are fully qualified and properly vetted. All candidates undergo behavioural interviews, reference checks, certification validations and criminal checks, if required.

      Candidates are strategically matched to your organization according to specific academic employment needs and skill sets.

      All our placements are fully guaranteed. 

      We guarantee to improve staffing outcomes, reduce costs associated with staffing and allow you and your team to focus on core competencies.

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